Who Uses Our Reporting Software?

One Tool, Many Uses.

Supdate was initially designed for small businesses to keep their shareholders up-to-date on progress. Our founder had personal experience of how difficult this could be. But since the software has been available, we’ve found many different types of businesses and teams were in need of an easy way to update others on the progress of either a business or a project.

Some Example Uses

Businesses With External Shareholders

Using Supdate as a Investor Reporting Template to keep your investors informed of progress saves you time and keeps your investors engaged and you focussed. This matters for lots of reasons.

Businesses Potentially Seeking Funding

Not only can you keep potential investors informed, you can also see who is engaging with your report. And you’re already showing that you take shareholder communications seriously.

Businesses Not Seeking Funding

Just because you’re not seeking equity investment doesn’t mean you don’t have big plans. We see many businesses using the software to keep themselves on track and focussed on what matters.


Teams in larger organisations need a method to keep the whole team, and sometimes their managers, appraised of progress on specific projects. Many are finding that our software works well for exactly that.

Angel Investors

You have investments in multiple businesses. Encouraging them to regularly report their progress keeps them focussed and you informed. Our dashboard gives you a quick overview of all of your businesses and their most recent report.


The intensity of being in an accelerator means keeping track of your progress is even more important than usual. Supdate is an ideal way to share individual business progress with mentors and advisors.