See How It Works The set-up process

Monthly Routine
Set-Up Process

The monthly process you go through to create reports is quick and easy. But to make it valuable you need to spend a little time on the initial set-up. We’ve created a set-up wizard so you can fly through it. But below are the manual steps.

We’re not interested in your company number, valuation, cap table or anything fancy like that. We just need a few basics to make sure you’re covering everything you need to each month.

01. The basics

First we ask for a few basics – the company name and what month you want to start reporting from. You can upload your logo if you want to and change the name of the report from “Shareholder Update” to whatever you want.

02. Reporting areas

Next we need to know your “Reporting Areas”. So which areas of the business do you need to report on? This would usually be something like Marketing, Technology and Finance – but you can add as many or as few as you like.

03. Show me the metrics

Then we need to know what metrics you want to track. Metrics are also sometimes referred to as KPIs – or for the really jargon-phobic they’re just “numbers”. This would be things like revenue, cash, users, etc. Enter as many as you like. For each metric you can choose what (if any) kind of chart you’d like to use to represent the information. You can also associate a metric with a Reporting Area. So Cash would be associated with Finance. If you’re feeling really brave you can also enter your target values for the coming months.

04. Goals

Finally you can enter some Goals. Goals simply have a name, a due date and a status. You can also associate them with a Reporting Area if you want to.

In the “Recipients” section you can enter the email addresses of the people who should receive your reports – saves you looking them up each month. Don’t worry – you can add additional people at any time.

05. That’s it, you’re done!

We’ll alert you each month to remind you to come and provide your monthly update.

Now you can get back to the stuff that matters to you: creating, making, building.