Your business is growing and you’re considering raising investment. You know what investors like more than a great team and a great product? Numbers. Especially numbers that are going up. Recording your growth and progress each month not only demonstrates that you’re growing, it also shows that you’re on top of things and manage your company like a professional.

How Do You Do It?

The Wrong Way

You have some potential investors on your radar. You know they want to see your progress each month before you ask them for their cash. So you manually compose an email each month telling them what’s been going on and throw in some good-looking numbers.

It sounds good, but your updates will not be in a consistent format, your numbers wont be in awesome graphs and you won’t know who’s bothering to read it.

The Right Way

You enter the email addresses of your potential investors in to the software. You give access to your team so they can write a short update for their area each month. You review it, add your comments and update the numbers and it’s sent to your list.

You can see who’s viewed it and who hasn’t. So you know who’s engaged. And they can see you take their interest and your business seriously.