Privacy Policy Because your data is important

You’re uploading sensitive data to Supdate, so it’s important that you know our policy towards your privacy.

Our Privacy Policy is simple, you won’t need a lawyer for this one…

Data that you Provide

The data you upload is yours. You retain full ownership of it. All of it.

We won’t share your data with anyone.

The only exception to this would be if we were compelled to by a court of law with the relevant authority or if you explicitly gave us permission to share it.

We hope that’s clear, but if you have any questions then please do get in touch.


We’re using AdRoll. When you visit our site they put a cookie on your machine. When you visit other websites, you’re identified by that cookie and they’ll show you adverts for Supdate so that you don’t forget about us. It’s like stalking, but for the digital era.

We also use Google Analytics so we know what pages are viewed and how frequently. This information helps us improve our site.

Information collected will include your IP address, pages visited and cookie identifier.

You can find out more about opting out of these services at

Slack Data

We provide an integration with Slack.

When you connect your Supdate account to your Slack account we store your channel information so that we can send the requested notifications in to your channel.

We do not (and do not have the ability to) read or store any information from your Slack channel.