Investor Updates Made Easy

Business progress reporting doesn’t need to be a chore

You’re busy growing your business. Keeping shareholders up-to-date on progress isn’t at the top of your To Do list, if it’s on your To Do list at all. But keeping your investors informed not only increases your chances of raising another round in the future, it will also actually help you achieve your goals. Consistency is the key to making updates easy and useful. Define your investor update template and re-use it every month.

How Do You Do It?

The Wrong Way

Oh, crap. The first week of the month is nearly over and you’ve not yet sent an update on last month. So you compose a new email with all the relevant things you can remember and pull in some numbers. That’ll do for another month.

The Right Way

You’re reminded another update is due. You log in to Supdate and go through the pre-defined steps to make sure you don’t miss anything important. A couple of clicks updates progress on goals and metrics. Click a button and a professional report is created and sent out. Nice.



Define areas of your business to report on each month. E.g. Marketing, Technology, Finance.


Report on metrics, with or without targets, automatically show growth compared to last month.


Track progress on your goals.

The software has many features designed to make reporting to your investors quick, easy and useful. Take a tour of the software or dive straight in and create a free account right now.