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Supdate makes it easy to send consistent and useful reports to your shareholders, keeping them informed of business progress. Once set up, the monthly process is quick and easy. Read more about Supdate on our Tour page.

You can connect your Supdate account to your Slack channel so that you get notified of various events.
An event could be someone viewing your report or leaving a comment on it. Or perhaps one of your team completing the update for their part of the business.

Easy to Set Up
Log in to your Supdate account or if you don’t yet have one then create one (it’s free).

Once logged in just click the Settings menu item and then the ‘Add To Slack’ button.

You’ll be taken to the Slack website and asked to confirm which channel the notifications should go to.

You’re then returned to us and you can select which specific notifications you want sent.


The notifications will now appear immediately in your chosen Slack channel when certain events happen.

Multiple Teams, Multiple Channels

If you’re a heavy Slack user then you might not want all of the notifications going to the same channel. We’ve dealt with that.

You can hook Supdate up to multiple teams and channels and then decide which notifications go to which channels.