Features > Metrics Make your numbers look beautiful

Numbers tell a story. But compiling those numbers every month and getting them into a useful format can be as challenging as reading War & Peace.

So this is an area we’ve spent a lot of time on. The software does a lot of work to make you look good.

Your initial set-up consists of telling us what metrics you want to report on each month and (optionally) which Reporting Areas they apply to.

If you want to you can also enter targets. There are formatting options too so you can prefix a number with a currency symbol for example.

Each time you create a report, updating your metrics is as easy as confirming a number in a box – that’s it. Nothing else.

But when you view your report, you’ll see those numbers brought to life.

First there is a panel for each of your metrics, showing a small chart, the current value and how this compares to last month and (optionally) your targets

You can then click on any of the panels to see a larger interactive graph for the metric.

All that from just entering a single number!

You can see this in action yourself in our example report.