In-Line Editing Easily correct typos and make changes

Our software is all about saving time.

Once you’ve created your report you get to preview it before sending it out.

Often at this point you’ll decide you want to change the wording a little or maybe you’ve spotted a typo.

With most types of software that would involve click the back button a few times, making the change, saving the data and then viewing it again – only to find out it isn’t quite right.

In-Line EditingNot with Supdate!

When you’re viewing your report, just click the ‘Enable Editing’ button at the top of the page. You can now hover over any text area and you’ll see a yellow ‘edit’ frame appear. Click the edit button and you can change the text right there in the page.

When you’re done simply click the “Update” button.

Your changes will be saved and you’ll instantly see them in your report.