Features > Discussion Let your recipients comment directly on your report

Having engaged shareholders is a good thing. But once they read your report they may have questions. That’s fine. But when you have multiple shareholders all asking the same questions then you might start to dread the next view notification.

Our Report Discussion feature solves that problem.

Focussed, Contextual Discussions

Readers can attach a comment to any part of the report. This keeps the discussion focussed specifically on the part of the report to which it’s attached.


They simply hover over the relevant area and click the orange + icon that appears. If there’s already comments for a section then the icon will always be visible and show you how many comments there are to view.

On larger screens the discussion box will open on the right-hand side of the page.

For smaller screens, such as phones, the discussion window will fill the screen.

No Registration or Logging In

Your readers don’t need to register or log in to to post a comment.

When you email them the report, the link they receive contains a unique key that identifies them to our system. So they can immediately post comments and you’ll know exactly who they’re from.

Instant Updates

If new comments are added while you’re looking at the report, the discussion is automatically updated and you’ll see a visual hint that there are new comments added. No need to reload the page to look for responses!