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When you’re the CEO or leader of a project it can be difficult to give a comprehensive update as you don’t always have all of the details yourself.

Collecting information from others and then writing it up yourself doesn’t sound very efficient.

So if you give someone access to the “Marketing” Reporting Area they be able to manage the Goals and Metrics just for that area and they’ll be asked to provide a text update for each of your reports for their areas.

They can’t access other areas of the account such as viewing other areas or metrics or changing your settings or viewing/editing your recipient list. They can access complete Reports, but only if you explicitly give them permission to do so.

You’ll immediately see their update as a part of your report and you’re able to edit it if need be.

In an ideal world, you’d be inviting multiple Team Members to update their departments each month and all you have to do is read their updates, write a short summary and click the button to send out your report.