Features What can the Business Reporting Software do?

Flexible Template

You decide what areas of the business you want to report on, along with which metrics and goals. We make sure you complete them all each month.


You define your metrics and optionally enter targets. Each month you just confirm the new value. We then produce beautiful graphs on your reports. Learn More

Goal Reporting

Enter Goals, with or without due date. Each month you can decide which goals to report on and change their status if need be.


Have focussed, contextual discussions about your report with readers directly on the page. Learn More


You shouldn’t have to do everything yourself. Invite other members of your team to update specific areas of the report. Learn More

View Notifications

You make the effort to report your progress, so it’s nice to know your reports are being read. Learn More

Data Sources

Switching between systems to get your numbers is annoying. Data Sources is our way of getting them automatically for you. Learn More

Attach Files

You can attach files to your reports – either at the end of the report or for each individual area of the business.


Both the interface for creating your reports and the reports themselves are just as easy to use whether you’re on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


Sometimes you have more than one company or project to report on. You can easily switch between them without having to have multiple logins. Learn More

Personalised Emails

The email you send to your recipients can be customised and personalised.

Slack Integration

Get notifications about important events directly in your Slack channel. Learn More

In-Line Editing

When you’re reviewing your report you can easily make quick changes to the text without having work your way through menus. Learn More