Setup Wizard + Area Re-ordering by Dave Hopton on 1st December 2015

Setup Wizard + Area Re-ordering

Good software shouldn’t make you think too much. How many times have you signed up to a new application fulling intending to put it through it’s paces but it then demanded too much of your brain so you moved on to the next shiny new thing?

Supdate wasn’t immune to this – after signing up you had to give some thought to what you wanted to report on.

We’ve now made it quite a bit easier by introducing a setup wizard that guides you though the process and even makes suggestions for you.

New users signing up from today will be prompted to start the Wizard from their dashboard. Any existing users that haven’t yet set up any Reporting Areas will also see the wizard.

Also in this release we’ve added the ability to re-order your Reporting Areas just like you can with Metrics