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by Duane Jackson on 24th February 2016

It’s great that you’re using your new found reporting super-powers to keep your investors up-to-date. But how do you know that your investors are actually reading your reports? Well, as from today we’ll now let you know when your recipients view your report. As soon as they click through to … Read More

The email your seed investors really want to send you

by Duane Jackson on 23rd February 2016

What’s going on? That’s not a rhetorical question. When we first spoke you said you didn’t want “dumb money”. You wanted someone that could add value beyond just writing a check. I liked the concept you were pitching and I thought I could be useful to you. Maybe not straight … Read More

In-Line Editing is here!

by Duane Jackson on 12th February 2016

It’s incredibly annoying when you’ve produced a beautiful report for your shareholders and you spot a spelling mistake. Having to click through a few links to correct it is a pain in the posterior. Well, now you don’t have to. When previewing your report you can edit any of the … Read More

Customize and Personalize Emails

by Duane Jackson on 25th January 2016

One of the more frequent requests we’ve had from you is for the ability to customize and personalize the email that’s sent when you distribute your monthly progress reports. So it was something we were keen to get right. I’m pleased to say we’ve just released this new functionality along … Read More

Changes For When Less is More

by Duane Jackson on 25th January 2016

We’ve just released a bunch of improvements based on your feedback. Email Customization and Personalization This is quite a bigger enhancement, so it has it’s own post covering the details. Lower is Better Sometimes you have a metric that you aim to reduce in value, such as the bounce rate … Read More

Setup Wizard + Area Re-ordering

by Duane Jackson on 1st December 2015

Good software shouldn’t make you think too much. How many times have you signed up to a new application fulling intending to put it through it’s paces but it then demanded too much of your brain so you moved on to the next shiny new thing? Supdate wasn’t immune to … Read More

For the Investors

by Duane Jackson on 19th November 2015

Unsurprisingly we’ve had a lot of interest from investors who want their companies to do a better job of reporting to them. With the release of our multi-user and multi-company functionality our software is now even more useful for investors that want to keep an eye on their companies. Just … Read More

Introducing Multi-User

by Duane Jackson on 15th November 2015

Until today, only you could log in to your account and provide information for your monthly business progress reports. I wasn’t happy with this. The thing that made reporting a lot easier for me in my last business was when I shared the load. My marketing manager would provide the … Read More

Introducing Multi-Company

by Duane Jackson on 15th November 2015

It seems a lot of people that want to take their investor reporting seriously are serial entrepreneurs. Or perhaps ‘parallel entrepreneurs’ is a better phrase as many of you currently have more than one company that you want to provide updates for. To cater for this, we’ve now added multi-company … Read More

New Features Added

by Duane Jackson on 19th October 2015

It’s been a couple of weeks since we launched. I’ve been amazed at the level of interest we’ve had; the number of signups in the past couple of weeks has far exceeded my expectations. It seems there is indeed a lot of demand for an easy way to keep investors … Read More