New Features Added by Dave Hopton on 19th October 2015

New Features Added

It’s been a couple of weeks since we launched. I’ve been amazed at the level of interest we’ve had; the number of signups in the past couple of weeks has far exceeded my expectations.

It seems there is indeed a lot of demand for an easy way to keep investors informed of business progress.

I asked you all for feedback and suggestions to help us further develop the software to make your reporting even easier and more useful. You’ve not let me down!

I’m pleased to say we’ve just released the top three most popular feature requests:

You can now attach additional files to your monthly reports

Metrics Prefix and Suffix
If you wanted to put a $ sign on revenue or a % sign on a growth number, now you can.

Email Preview
Some of you understandably wanted to be able to preview the email sent to your shareholders. Now you can.

We’ve also added a whole bunch of UI tweaks and have squashed a small handful of bugs.

Email me – – with your own feature requests and we’ll see if we can get them built