Changes For When Less is More by Dave Hopton on 25th January 2016

Changes For When Less is More

We’ve just released a bunch of improvements based on your feedback.

Email Customization and Personalization
This is quite a bigger enhancement, so it has it’s own post covering the details.

Lower is Better
Sometimes you have a metric that you aim to reduce in value, such as the bounce rate on your website or customer attrition. You can now tick a box in the Formatting Options for a metric to say “Lower is better”.

Thousands Separator
Sometimes you want it on a metric value, sometimes you don’t. So now it’s option – also set via the Formatting Options.

Deleting Reports
If you were playing around with the software before using it in earnest, you may have reports you want to delete. You can now do this by clicking the trash icon at the bottom left of the report screen.