Introducing Multi-User by Dave Hopton on 15th November 2015

Introducing Multi-User

Until today, only you could log in to your account and provide information for your monthly business progress reports.

I wasn’t happy with this. The thing that made reporting a lot easier for me in my last business was when I shared the load. My marketing manager would provide the numbers and a short update for his department. My support manager would do the same for hers. Then, as CEO, I’d review these and write the summary.

This is how it should be with company shareholder reporting. You needn’t be creating something new just for your shareholders. The updates for you as CEO from your team should be forming the basis of the reports for your shareholders.

So I’m pleased to report that we now have multi-user functionality built in to Supdate.

Just click the newly-arrived “Team” menu item and add the email addresses of those you want to be able to access your account.

Whoever you invite, they wont be able to change any of your settings but they can contribute to your reports and view previous reports.

Now the real test – how good are you at delegating?