Introducing Multi-Company by Dave Hopton on 15th November 2015

Introducing Multi-Company

It seems a lot of people that want to take their investor reporting seriously are serial entrepreneurs. Or perhaps ‘parallel entrepreneurs’ is a better phrase as many of you currently have more than one company that you want to provide updates for.

To cater for this, we’ve now added multi-company functionality.

When you’re logged in to your account just click your company name at the top-right of the screen and you’ll be able to add a new company.

Add New Company
Using the same menu you can quickly switch between the many companies in your burgeoning empire.

Each company is a completely separate entity. It has it’s own collection of reports, metrics, areas and users. This opens up interesting possibilities from the investors perspective.

Users? Yes. Didn’t I mention? We’ve also just released multi-user functionality.