Graph Enhancements by Dave Hopton on 25th January 2017

Graph Enhancements

We’ve just released an update which includes some enhancements to the graphs in your reports.

As we’ve been around more than a year now, your data has built up. So you have more than a year of data for your metrics. The more diligent among you have also entered targets well in to the future.

This caused two problems with showing your metric data in graph form. 1) You don’t want to display all data at once and 2) You want your report recipients to see your targets beyond the date of the report.

We played around with a few solutions and we think we’ve solved both of these issues by simply adding date selectors to your graphs.

The small thumbnail graph on your reports haven’t changed; they still show up to a years worth of data up until the date of the report. When you click on the thumbnail to see the full graph (including targets) it will default to the same date range as the thumbnail. But by using the date options below the graph you can change the view to cover any period you like.

Do get in touch if there are any further enhancements you’d like to see.