Easily Edit Metric Data by Dave Hopton on 31st August 2016

Easily Edit Metric Data

You’ve always been able to enter forecasts/targets for your Metrics. But entering historical data was most politely described as ‘a bit fiddly’.

Today we’ve made managing Targets and Actual values for your Metrics infinitely easier.

Go to the Metric section and click the “Edit Metric Data” button at the top-right of the page.

You’ll be presented with a lovely grid where you can enter values for all of your metrics on one page. The buttons at the top of the page allow you to easily switch to entering Targets instead of actual Targets, and you can navigate forward and backwards through the years.


Any targets you’ve previously entered will be shown here. The actual values you’ve provided for your previous reports will also be shown.

This was developed based on feedback from others that use the system – so if you have any of your own suggestions on how we can improve the software for you then do get in touch.