Don’t tell your investors what’s going on by Dave Hopton on 16th March 2016

Don’t tell your investors what’s going on

Don’t tell your Investors what’s going on… have your team do it!

We’ve just released enhanced Team Collaboration features. This is how it works:

1) You invite each of your team into the software and give them access to just their areas. So your marketing guy can only access Marketing, Finance can only access Finance.
2) Each month they provide their update. They update and manage their own Metrics and Goals and provide a short text update for what’s been going on in their department.
3) You, as CEO, read it and you’re fully up-to-date. All you need to do is add a quick summary and send it out to your investors.
4) You’ll be notified when the recipients read your report.

They’re up-to-date, you’re up-to-date – and all with minimal effort.

Click here for an example of what your report could look like.

Read about other features here.

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