Customize and Personalize Emails by Dave Hopton on 25th January 2016

Customize and Personalize Emails

One of the more frequent requests we’ve had from you is for the ability to customize and personalize the email that’s sent when you distribute your monthly progress reports. So it was something we were keen to get right. I’m pleased to say we’ve just released this new functionality along with some more minor changes.

When you next go to email a completed report you’ll see that you can now change the address the email is sent from, so rather than our address you can instead use your own.

Report Send Options You can also now make changes to the subject line and body of the email that’s sent so that it better suits your needs. And you can personalize the email too so that it uses your recipients name. Any changes you make are saved and used the next time you send out a report.

Hopefully the UI is intuitive enough so that you can clearly see how to edit these options. But, just in case, we’ve also made all of the options available via the “Send Report” button at the bottom of the screen.