Supdate and Crowdcube

by Dave Hopton on 10th September 2018

I may have mentioned once or twice how important I think it is to keep your investors updated on how your business is progressing. Doing it ad-hoc by email just doesn’t cut it. Even more so when you have hundreds of investors involved in your business.

Sprinkle Some Style on Reports

by Dave Hopton on 29th May 2017

By far the top request we’ve received is for the ability to add styling to your reports. That is, the ability to bold, italicise and change font faces and colors on your report summary and area summaries. So we’re pleased to announce that this feature has just been added. When … Read More

Graph Enhancements

by Dave Hopton on 25th January 2017

We’ve just released an update which includes some enhancements to the graphs in your reports. As we’ve been around more than a year now, your data has built up. So you have more than a year of data for your metrics. The more diligent among you have also entered targets … Read More

Import Recipients CSV

by Dave Hopton on 30th November 2016

We’re seeing more and more people from crowd-funded companies use Supdate to keep their investors up-to-date. Manually entering a list of tens or hundreds of recipients isn’t fun. So we’ve added the ability to import your list of recipients from a CSV file. Simply go to the Recipients section and … Read More

Introducing Supdate Premium

by Dave Hopton on 31st August 2016

We now have an optional paid-for package for Supdate. If you’re not using the Team or Discussions feature then put your credit card back in your pocket. Nothing has changed for you. All of the features you’re currently using remain free and always will be. However, if you want to … Read More

Import Metric Data

by Dave Hopton on 31st August 2016

You can now import data for your metrics – either when completing a monthly report or in bulk when editing your Metric data. You set it up once, then when you’re on a page that requires a metric value you just hit the “Import” button. The values are automatically filled … Read More

Easily Edit Metric Data

by Dave Hopton on 31st August 2016

You’ve always been able to enter forecasts/targets for your Metrics. But entering historical data was most politely described as ‘a bit fiddly’. Today we’ve made managing Targets and Actual values for your Metrics infinitely easier. Go to the Metric section and click the “Edit Metric Data” button at the top-right … Read More

Beta Testing: Discussions

by Dave Hopton on 19th May 2016

So you’re on top of your investor reporting and your investors are engaged. That’s great. But it also introduces a new problem. Questions! If you’re sending a report to multiple people then odds are a few of them have the same questions for you. We’ve heard stories of people having … Read More

Introducing Slack Integration

by Dave Hopton on 19th May 2016

We’ve just released an update to the software that includes integration with Slack. It takes seconds to set-up and will give you instant notifications in your channel about important events such as recipients viewing your reports or leaving comments. What? Leaving comments? Yep – that’s another new feature we’ve just … Read More

Don’t tell your investors what’s going on

by Dave Hopton on 16th March 2016

Don’t tell your Investors what’s going on… have your team do it! We’ve just released enhanced Team Collaboration features. This is how it works: 1) You invite each of your team into the software and give them access to just their areas. So your marketing guy can only access Marketing, … Read More